Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

A look into my brain

This afternoon, as I was walking through the woods, I happened to think of the fact that when I went to Ecuador, it was the same time zone as here in Illinois.  I think that would surprise a lot of people.  From there, I hopped to the thought of another geographical fact that had surprised me when I noticed it years ago:  the distance from Tucson to El Paso is only half as far as the distance from El Paso to Dallas.  After flashing very briefly on the thought that Texas is really big, it occurred to be that it might be fun to actually drive across the southwest through those cities.  On to the idea that if I did do a road trip through Arizona, I would have to make a point of visiting Benson.  And from there, it occurred to me that there's another small city in Arizona whose name is only familiar to me because it's in a song.

It was two hours before I managed to drive "Take It Easy" running through my head.
Tags: humor, self
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