Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Drill, baby, drill

I've had a handyman project in progress for several weeks that I've allowed myself to be distracted from -- a shelf and coat hanging arrangement for my entryway.  I'd cut the lumber to size; stained it; painted the moldings; cut, mitered, and attached the moldings to the wall mount part; and carefully marked where all the holes I need to pre-drill go when I got pulled away.

Today, I finally got all the holes drilled.  As a bonus, I screwed the two boards that meet in the corner together and attached this L shape to the wall.  The screws even hit studs as planned.  I'd have gone on to start attaching hardware, but the battery died in the drill.

I feel the gratifying sense of accomplishment that I haven't been getting from just getting day to day tasks done lately.
Tags: home, life
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