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I have returned from Windycon.  Because of my cold, I kept things to a lower key than I might otherwise have, but I had a good time.  It was good to spend some time with friends.  I hope I didn't give anyone else my cold.

The drive up to the west suburbs was uneventful.  It's a new hotel, which always causes a few rough spots, and I thought things were going to be bad when I checked in and they told me that they really didn't have any rooms that were accessible by stairs.  But they were able to put me on the fifth floor, which connects directly to the top level of the parking garage, so I wouldn't have to change levels as I schlepped stuff to and from my car.  It actually turned out that there is a stairway beside the parking garage elevators which was quite handy for going down, and the back elevators (which are for the garage, so they only go to 5) were much less crowded than the main ones.  I would have walked up more, but with the cold, 5 flights was just a little too much.  After getting my stuff into my room, I found registration and got my badge without a problem.  I spent the next couple of hours hanging around in the con suite and dealer's room hoping to find someone to go to dinner with, and then ended up eating out of my cooler.  This meant that I got to spend time in my room with my new humidifier, which was a good thing overall.  Open filk was scheduled to start at 9, so I headed down.

The Friday night filk was pretty low key.  Those crazy Toyboat people showed up early with far too much electronic gear.  msminlr arrived with filk books in tow but without her guitar, which was indisposed due to temperature changes.  She borrowed mine.  Deirdre, jerusha, almeda, msminlr, the electric menace, and I swapped songs until 2ish, and almeda filled up my thumb drive with electronic filk books from her laptop.  I headed for bed without any plans to do anything early.

Saturday, after buying a few books from Larry Smith, I went to bedlamhouse and ladyat's concert, which was going very well until I started to develop a cough.  A Fisherman's Friend from my normal stash of medicines provided immediate relief, but since I only had a couple, I needed more.  There's a Target right next door to the hotel, where I got cough syrup, but no more Fisherman's Friend because they don't carry them.  I then took a very brief spin through the art show and then caught most of filkertom's concert.  After that, janmagic led a small horde to Ruby Tuesday, where I spent the money I'd saved by eating my own food Friday.  It was a nice meal and good conversation.  I then opted for some more down time in my room before heading down to the open filk.

The plan for the weekend had included meeting quadong at the Minicon party to get some games to their new owner.  I had been looking for party announcements for the Minicon party all weekend without success.  Since the filk wasn't really started, I decided to quickly investigate the party floors.  I had to gnaw my leg off to escape from a conversation in one of the Worldcon bid parties (I don't like the new Worldcon bidding system, and I'd rather just leave it at that), but I eventually found the Minicon party and successfully passed the games along.  The filk was good for a while, but lost coherence and critical mass early.

Sunday I woke up early and decided I was better off getting up rather than being sound asleep when I really needed to get up.  I ate breakfast and got ready to go in a very leisurely fashion, and somehow managed to get out of the room almost as quickly as I could have if I'd slept as late as I could and been rushed.  A couple more conversations and hugs, and then we departed, because birder2 had to be home by late afternoon.

Since there was still daylight, I hopped over to Kickapoo for a quick walk on my way home.  I had some energy then, but after eating, I'm pretty much toast now.
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