Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Why did Columbus lose?

I was going to bury this in a comment in a day-old post in someone else's journal but realized it might get ignored. If you attended the Worldcon or otherwise have a feeling about how the wind blows around the SMOFs, please share your thoughts!

Did Columbus lose the Worldcon bid because people didn't think it was a strong bid that would lead to a good con, or did Japan win over a good bid from Columbus because people really wanted Japan?

There has been some discussion of whether Columbus wants the NASFiC. I think the answer to the above question (an honest answer about the general mood of the Worldcon voting public, not the Columbus committee's own feelings) is the key to the question. In other words, if they really want a Worldcon, do they have a good shot of getting it if they bid again, or should they go for the NASFiC to show fandom that they really can handle a big con?

To any of my friends who were part of the Columbus bid, let me make clear that my point isn't that I lack confidence in Columbus. I am wondering, since I don't feel that I have my finger on the pulse of fannish opinion, how much confidence fandom in general has in Columbus.
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