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Phil Parker

Book review: Moving Targets

Today's book review is Moving Targets And Other Tales of Valdemar, edited by Mercedes Lackey.

This is the fourth official anthology of Valdemar stories.  The stories are all independent, though they do assume the reader is familiar with the world.  Someone who hasn't read any Valdemar and would rather not read a whole trilogy to dip a toe in the water might get a feel for the world this way.  Or they might just be confused, since it's sort of assumed that the reader knows what a Herald or a Companion or a Kyree is.

With dozens of novels and a lot of additional stories in the canon, it's getting harder to find original stuff to write about in Valdemar, but this book does a pretty good job of telling stories we haven't quite heard before, about different sorts of people or seeing things from a different angle.  The stories are good; most of them seem to really be in the universe, rather than just generic fantasy stories, and I didn't find any major continuity or consistency problems.  There are a couple of characters I just want to take home and hug and squeeze and call George, but mostly it's about a world I just don't get tired of.

8 out of 10.
Tags: anthology, book review, fantasy, mercedes lackey
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