Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Squish, squish

I've been pretty much cooped up indoors for a couple of weeks, between the lousy weather and being busy.  I've been getting out for a one-mile walk a couple of times a day but not farther and not anywhere more interesting than around the immediate neighborhood (either mine or my mom's).  It was finally warm today, though not dry, and I went over to Kickapoo.  I went on the beginning of the out and back trail; it was very soggy.  It was slightly drizzling, but it seemed like it was thinking about raining more, and I considered how much it would suck to get really wet when I was an hour away from my car, and I came back, and then walked around on the roads for another 40 minutes.  Just as I got back to my car the mist worked its way up to actual rain, and as I was driving home, it turned into a serious downpour; I came back just in time.

I didn't see much of anything, but I got to breathe some fresh air.  Even though it's still December, when it thaws it feels like the promise of spring.
Tags: kickapoo, nature, walks
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