Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

RIP Prince

Prince was put to sleep on Friday.

This is my last picture, taken last Sunday, Jan. 25.  I was having camera trouble and I was lucky I got this one.

Prince had been in a bad way for months.  He had lost most of the use of his back legs; he walked with difficulty and unsteadily.  He was on steroids for the last couple of months, and for most of that time, he still seemed to have some fire left in his belly; he ate well and continued to move around even though it was hard for him.  He refused to enter his box, just staying out in the open, so we did what we could for him by giving him a big pile of straw in the corner of his cage where he spent most of his time.  Last week, though, he stopped eating, and on Friday he had actually gone into the box; he appeared to have finally given up.  He was unresponsive when Dr. Froderman gave him the anesthetic prior to euthanizing him.  It was clearly time.

Prince was never friendly with me.  I tried to comfort him in his last few weeks, but even as he was clearly dying, he just wanted me to stay out of his territory.  Still, a little more light has gone out of the world.
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