Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

More spring

I went to Kickapoo this afternoon.  I took the Out and Back to the haul road, out to the pond overlook for my sandwich, and then came directly back because it had gotten late.  More butterflies: another mourning cloak and a bunch of the anglewings with green hair on their bodies.  A dragonfly in one of the marshes.  Fox sparrows, a Carolina wren, another flock of house finches, a few wood ducks.  The most striking feature of the day was the frogs.  In the marshy area along the haul road where the trail first meets it, there seemed to be at least half a dozen different frog calls, and they were collectively almost loud enough to make me want to cover my ears.  I don't usually go ga-ga over frogs, but this was quite the amphibian symphony; I stayed by that pond for 20 minutes listening and trying to actually see any frogs.  I actually saw one frog as it jumped away, and one other lump that I think was a frog but I wasn't quite sure.  How hundreds of critters making that much noise can be so invisible is quite the mystery.
Tags: birds, butterflies, kickapoo, nature, walks
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