Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

EFRC pix from Sunday Sept. 26

Here are some pictures from this past Sunday at EFRC.
2 cute tigers Here is a picture of two of the group of 9 young tigers that live right beside the front gate. Because young tigers are the cutest creatures on the planet, this is really not an exceptionally cute pose. If they're awake enough to actually be moving around, you never have to wait more than 5 minutes to see something this cute. (Now, getting the picture, that's tougher.)
lion with a log Here's one of the three lions Parker, Tao, and Tucker (I'm sorry, I can't tell them apart) in a nice arrangement.

Even while I'm visiting the cat facility, I'm on the lookout for other things that seem worth photographing. The light coming through this fancy grass caught my photographer's eye. The image is lightly photoshopped to remove all but the one stem of grass, but the background really came out nearly solid black even though there was stuff behind it.
yawn 1 Here we have a multi-frame sequence of Sebastian, my favorite cougar, yawning. The sequence ends before the yawn is over because the Digital Rebel only has a 4 shot internal buffer. Feel free to contribute to the "Buy Phil a 20D" fund if you'd like action sequences that last longer than 1.25 seconds.
yawn 2
yawn 3
yawn 4
yawn 5
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