Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Thank you DucKon

I will try to manage a real con report, but I can't spend hours on it right now, so just in case I never get back to it, I want to thank everyone who helped me have possibly my best convention ever, and without doubt a really good time at a time when I needed it as badly as I ever have.

Thank you, DucKon committee, for pulling together all the wonderful stuff together.  Thank you, janmagic, jerusha, and everyone else who brought in so many performers and made sure we had such a great place to play.  Thank you, all the concert and circle performers who gave me more musical orgasms than I can hope to count.  Thank you, all the people who made me laugh so long and hard my chest hurts today, especially Adam (anyone who was there Saturday night should).  Thank you, all the lovely ladies who let me snuggle them, especially barbarakitten_t and exapno for accepting possibly too much attention.  Thank you, all the people who took the time to talk to me, especially filkart and ithiriel, and congrats to you two!  Thank you to everyone who offered hugs, compliments, encouragement, or just had fun while I was around.

I hope that I helped a lot of other people enjoy the weekend too.  I refuse to feel guilty for hogging all the fun.  I really needed it.  But I don't want to feel guilty about not feeling guilty.
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