Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


OVFF is next week.  This will be good for pathetic, depressed me.  It would be even better for pathetic, depressed me to have some reassurance that I won't be sitting around alone, in the form of some actual advance plans, especially for Thursday.  If you'd like to do dinner on Thursday, please let me know.  Actually, if you'd like to dinner any day, let me know, but I'm most worried about Thursday.

I'm thinking of signing up for a theme filk slot to sing songs from the ElfQuest album A Wolfrider's Reflections.  Does anybody else remember and still love these songs?

If anyone would be interested in including me in specific musical plans, I'd be thrilled.

I also will have EFRC calendars available.  If you mention ahead of time that you'd like one, I can be sure I have one for you.
Tags: cons, friends
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