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Book review: Dragon Bones

I've really lost the thread of writing reviews of the books I read; I'm so many books behind that I wouldn't remember much about most of them if I did try to go back and fill in.  But I really should say something about the last one I finished, so rather than trying to make myself write a long piece, I will just say a few words.  So:

Today's mini-review is Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs.

This is a complete story, not just the beginning of a longer work.  There is a sequel, so maybe it's the start of a series, but not in a bad way.

Sue WINOLJ has been plugging Patricia Briggs for some time, and I finally got around to picking one of her books up at OVFF.  Hey, it has a dragon on the cover, that pretty much guarantees I'll enjoy it, right?  Definitely so in this case.  A fairly standard fantasy setting, very well handled, with a couple of nicely original bits and characters drawn well enough that they sucked me right in, and kicked me in the guts with a couple of plot twists that completely surprised me and put me through quite the emotional roller coaster.  It's not often that I finish a book with that much of a "wow, what a ride!" feeling.  I'm not the kind of reader who stops in the middle of the book and tries to guess what will come next, so it's not really that hard to surprise me with a plot.  But not this much.

There are some things about the hero and the villain that I realized I didn't really appreciate after I had time to think about them -- traits that I don't like to see linked to good and evil, since I don't believe they are good and evil.  This gave just the tiniest bit of tarnish to an otherwise really great read, fast-paced, tight, exciting, and satisfying.

9 out of 10.
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