Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Camera milestone

I'm not going to post any pictures tonight; it's already almost my bedtime and it will take a bunch of time to do anything with the pix.  But I did reach a milestone today:  I have passed the 10,000 mark of images taken with my Digital Rebel.  I was planning on posting Image # 10000 for the heck of it, but by idiosyncracy of the numbering system the camera applies to the image, I didn't get an image # 10000; we went from 9999 to 10001.

Ten thousand pictures in just under ten months.  Assuming $.50/picture for film and developing, $5000 saved by going digital, which makes the roughly $600 extra for the digital camera compared to a similar quality film camera plus $300 or so worth of CF memory look pretty cheap.  I could count the $200 photoprinter as part of the cost of digital, but if I had gone with analog, I would have to have a scanner and I'd probably still want the printer.
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