Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

I hate snow.

I've just spent two and a half hours shoveling snow, so I should be able to get my car out and go to Indiana tomorrow.  I got through the first 60% of the driveway by length, and by way of a break, walked around the block, stopping at my mailbox, where I discovered that my prize copy of Rosemary and Rue was in my mailbox.  But when I got back to the snow, I discovered that I'd inadvertently stopped just before the job got hard, because I'd now reached the part that had drifted and packed.  It had more in common with a brick than with proper snow.  And I was already somewhat tired and sore.  Somehow I managed to get through the whole thing.

My neighbors who run the pet resort walk the dogs boarded there down my lane.  The one group that they did bring all the way down to me and let me visit helped my mood a lot.  The two that they turned around before they got to me made me feel unwanted and unloved.

I came into the house and opened the phone bill and discovered just the perfect thing to really help my wonderful mood.  There's a bullshit charge for "Agora voice messaging" crammed onto my phone bill, something I've never even heard of, to say nothing of ordering, but for the privilege of not being charged, I can now anticipate pounding my head against voice mail systems and talking to customer service drones who will try to sell me more stuff I don't want, but with whom I'll have to fight to get rid of this.
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