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We just got word, on the local newscast during All Things Considered, that due to state budget cuts, our local public radio station is eliminating its weather department.  I suspect this will not sound like a big deal to most people, because as I understand things, most people aren't used to having detailed, in-depth local weather coverage on the radio.  You're probably not used to actually hearing the dew point, or to regularly being updated on the seasonal total of heating or cooling degree days compared to the average.  You're probably used to either getting your weather forecast from a local TV station, where the weather person is chosen for their position mainly for how good they look on camera, or off of a website from  You don't feel deprived because you never had really good weather coverage.  But I've lived in C-U all of my life, and WILL has defined my standards of being informed about what nature is going to be doing to me in the next few days.
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