Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Oh the irony

I couldn't buy some books I want at the con, because the dealer who would have them wasn't there, so I decided I'd try looking into ordering them on line.  And I'd try looking at Powell's because I hear they are less evil than Amazon.  And because I'm not sure of the web site (I suspect it's probably but I don't know) so I start with Google.  I enter "powells books" into my search box.  And the first entry in the real search results is in fact Powell's Books, and it is, but before my Google page disappears, I can't avoid looking at the ad on the right side.  Which is exhorting me
to "buy powells books at Amazon, free shipping on orders over $25".

I need a new irony meter, this one's toast.
Tags: humor
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