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Avatar again

A coupla weeks ago, there was a story on NPR about how, even though it's still raking in money hand over fist, Avatar is soon going to be disappearing from theaters because there are only a limited number of 3D screens and they're contracted to start screening Alice in Wonderland starting March 5.  I wanted to be sure I saw it again while I could.  If I made myself wait until I actually found someone to go with, the odds were I'd miss it.  I left the clinic after my allergy shot at about 2:30, and I knew there was a 3:00 show, so I just went.

I knew the story well enough that I didn't need to see it again for that.  The plot and the main characters aren't that good anyway.  I wanted to see the world, the wonderfully imagined ecology, the breathtaking scenery, and above all, the critters.  And now, I'm again crying over the heartbreak that that so-perfect world isn't real.

I know that this movie has already made an obscene amount of money, but I can't make myself begrudge James Cameron a dime of it.  Even though everyone loves to tear down this movie for its too-familiar plot, its ham-handed message, its cardboard characters, and a few holes in the science and worldbuilding which (though trivial compared to the usual Hollywood movie) are undeniable, I have to say that if you have any visual sense of wonder at all, you owe it to yourself to get out and see it.  Don't concentrate on the people (human or Na'vi), and don't try to think critically about the script.  These will only distract you from the really good parts.  Treat it like the art show at a con.
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