Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Guitar repairs

I finally got around to taking my old Hohner 6-string into the shop.  Some mumble months ago, something came loose inside, such that even a slight pressure on the top below the sound hole pushed the top in palpably with a distinctly audible squeak.

The dude at the guitar shop assures me that it can be fixed, and further that it should be around $50, which is quite worth paying even for this not-very-valuable guitar.

I still need to get a better quality 6-string to grow as a musician, but when I stopped playing this old guitar when it broke, I stopped feeling the push in that direction as strongly.  A year ago, I was somewhat actively looking for the right guitar, though I hadn't found it; now I find myself wondering if I can find the money to pay for it.

A few short years ago, I felt that I had plenty of money (as long as I stayed employed of course) to support my lifestyle.  Somehow just lately, I have found myself wanting more and more stuff that costs a lot of money, and the same amount of money seems far less adequate than it did then.
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