Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Back from Marcon

I am back from Marcon.  I want to say, publicly, thanks to everyone who worked to put on the con, and thanks to everyone who put up with me.  To all the people I should know by name but don't because I just don't retain names, I'm sorry and thanks for putting up with me anyway.  To all the people I shared too much with because I'm not capable of just ritually replying "fine, thanks" to the ritual question of "how are you", thanks for not pouring your drinks on my head.  To the people who shared music with me, I love you, and triply the ones who actually let me know you enjoyed the music I made.

Special shouts to filkertom, for spending at least half an hour in a one on one conversation that must have been uncomfortable, because he's a genuinely good person and I needed it, to writer William Levy for a personal pep talk, even though we scarcely know each other well enough to be called acquaintances, and to amazing artist Laura Reynolds for spending a lot of time with me as I gushed over her stuff, even though I only bought one small piece.  Other people probably deserve mention by name for hugs and conversation, but *hangs head* I can't remember most of your names, and I can't clearly recall the whole weekend anyway.

If I hurt anyone's feelings, or was oblivious to social signals you expected me to recognize, or I otherwise dropped the ball or missed a chance to connect, please talk to me about it.  Or, if you need a hand or a hug or a shoulder to cry on, ask me; I'd generally like to help but I'm usually too oblivious to notice and too inhibited to volunteer.
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