Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


If I were more on the ball, I would have posted this sooner, but hopefully better late than never.

Who's going to ConClave?

Is there a general expedition planned to Elderly Instruments?  I'm hoping to get there while I'm in the area.  I just checked their website and unfortunately they are closed on Sunday.  It looks like the best time will be Friday afternoon if I can get started early enough to get a useful amount of time in before they close.

Can I come to the DI party?  Do I need to get a specific invitation, or do I just have to figure out when and where it is?

The program grid on the web site doesn't show a Tanya Huff reading.  One hopes this will have been corrected by the time I arrive.

andpuff said a long time ago that she wants to see pictures.  She'll be busy.  When's a good time?

Anyone up for dinner, Friday or Saturday?
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