Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Current Events

According to the news, or at least the small slice that I've looked at, the only important thing that's been going on for the last 24 hours is that two guys that nobody had heard of last week played tennis for a really long time.

I guess I should be comforted that there's nothing important happening in the world, that they have so much time to fill.

Wait.  We just fired the general running the most important war.  The Supreme Court just decided that the main law against corruption is unconstitutional, just a couple of days after they decided that it *is* constitutional to put people in jail for giving people the government doesn't like advice about how to achieve their goals peacefully, and probably just for expressing sympathy with people the government doesn't like.  The duct tape patches on the world economy are fraying fast.  Elections are getting closer, and the people who listen to Sarah Palin are continuing to gather momentum.  More positively, Australia has just selected a woman prime minister, and the district court declined to declare YouTube illegal (but Viacom promises to appeal; the Supreme Court mentioned above will presumably get the case in a few years).

Tennis anyone?
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