Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Rambling Sailors

Just back from an evening at the Suttons' with Gregg and Susan Csikos, who are also known as Rambling Sailors.  (Warning, amazingly dialup hostile site.)  It was a very small circle, just bedlamhouse, ladyat, the Sailors, and I.  They're friends of the Suttons, passing through on tour.  ladyat laid out food for a much bigger group.  We ate and I convinced Strider their dog that I was a nice monkey.  We had a couple of hours of music, then we played a game of I Drank What?, we had another couple of hours of music, and then folks started fading.  A lovely evening, and if you like sea-themed folk music, you should check these folks out.

I really hope that bedlamhouse and ladyat enjoyed a quiet evening and will be ready to do it again, instead of deciding that since nobody showed up they shouldn't bother next time.
Tags: friends, music
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