Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

2011 EFRC Calendars Available

The 2011 EFRC calendar is out!

All of the pictures are by Stephen McCloud, who has better cameras than I do and much better getting-things-done skills.  However, the very nice pictures are EFRC cats and the money goes to support them.  I'd like to encourage my friends to buy them as a gesture of support either to me, because I love the cats, and I'd like to encourage the whole world to buy them as a gesture of support for the cats and the work of EFRC.  The best way to get one, of course, is to visit the center in person, but if that's not practical, you should still get one.  You can buy them online, but you have to pay a little more.  Or, if you happen to know you're going to be in the same place as I am sometime soon, you can get one from me, for the same $15 that you'd pay at the center.  I don't make any money on this; I'm just doing it to encourage more people to buy calendars.

Sing out if you'd like to get a calendar from me.
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