Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Humorous dream

I seldom post about my dreams, mostly because I seldom remember enough to post, but I just woke up from one that had an amusing moment.  (I was up way too late last night.)

At the beginning of what I recall, I was in my car, in an unfamiliar town.  I don't know what town it was, but I was driving to a furry con.  I got off a highway onto a main street, and quickly found the sign for the next street I was supposed to be on.  It was very narrow and curved a lot, and I realized as I came around a blind curve that I was completely in the left lane and driving way too fast, but there was no other traffic.  I came to a T and turned left and I knew I was at the hotel, although the parking area was kind of small and it looked like a tennis court.  I parked and started looking for the con, which in some dream way involved finding a hallway where every attendee would be posting a picture on the wall.  I walked into what I thought was the right hallway -- there were some people around and there were sheets posted on the wall.  Only I discovered that these people were playing D&D type games.  The sheets on the walls were characters for these games, not part of the con.  And they were for sale, for prices like $30 or $50 for a character sheet.  I realized I wasn't in the right place and moved on into a place that was more like a hotel lobby.  About this time, I realized that I was not wearing a shirt (I don't usually have, or at least remember, that dream) and it was sort of inappropriate.  Not looking where I was going, I bumped into a woman, a stranger dressed like a businesswoman.  Somehow I knew this was especially a faux pas because I was shirtless.  The woman looked displeased and I did my best at a flowery apology.  (I have no recollection of what I said in the dream, but it was a good apology.)  The woman somewhat archly told me "That is how you apologize to an old lady.  I am a *lawyer*."  With a nasty grin as she said lawyer.  In the way of the dream, I knew that I was in big trouble if she wanted me to be.  I pretended to faint dead away and fall on my back with my limbs in the air as paws.  She reached down to give me a hand up and I knew she was yanking my chain.  I chuffed at her.  And then I woke up.
Tags: funny, furry, self
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