Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

S00j win, astronomy fail

I went over to Indy today for s00j's concert.  Getting there was a bit of a pain.  First there was a bill I remembered I really needed to get in the mail, so I was a little late leaving.  Then, just before the Crawfordsville exit, traffic came to a complete stop and everyone who could was bailing out at the exit.  I decided to do so also and go through Crawfordsville rather than sit, but it ended up costing me another 15 or 20 minutes.  Then coming into Indy there was a really bogus work zone, (I'm a bit worried that I may have gotten a photo ticket), and then I had to get through construction on 38th street which can only be described with an 11 letter word that starts with C, ends with K, and might upset a few readers.  Thus my plan of being half an hour early turned into being a few minutes late, so I missed most of the intro, but I didn't miss any songs.  And I certainly wouldn't have wanted to miss any.  I didn't get the new album because they didn't have any, but by way of apology, we got to hear several songs even newer than the album.  I can get the album at OVFF.

When I got home (which involved less stress than getting there), I decided to take a night walk and admire the full moon and Jupiter.  It was just past local midnight, and when I was half a mile away from my house, it was all clear and I got the crazy notion to try to use my honkin' big telephoto lens as a telescope and find Jupiter's moons.  Unfortunately, by the time I got back to my house, clouds had rolled in.  There were a few breaks, but not many.  It was very pretty, but I didn't have the ambition to switch to a less extreme lens and figure out a good exposure.  I could easily see Jupiter as a disc and I think I saw one of the moons, but there was never enough of a gap in the clouds to set up a long exposure.  Maybe I'll be inspired to try it again and it will actually be clear.
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