Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Book review: Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising

Tonight's book review is Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising, edited by Dave Ulanski.

I haven't been reading regular books very much lately, but I haven't been writing reviews for the ones I have read either, so I'm getting behind again.  So I'm going to get the first one off the pile before I forget everything about it.

I picked this up at InConJunction from C. J. Henderson, one of the contributors.  I like the werewolves that are currently popular in urban fantasy, so I thought I'd like a book of werewolf stories.  Unfortunately, most of the stories in this book are not the modern stories with the werewolves as nice guys; they go back to the older traditions where the werewolves are genuine monsters and the stories are about defeating them.  I want werewolves I can root for -- violent, flawed, misunderstood, and persecuted is OK, but truly evil is not what I want.  This really wasn't the book for me.  The stories varied a bit in quality, but they were mostly decently written.  And really, beyond that, I've mostly forgotten the stories, which partly reflect on my mental state, but partly suggests that they weren't that memorable...

5 out of 10.
Tags: anthology, book review, dave ulanski, fantasy
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