Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

The Closet

I caught a few minutes last night of someone ranting about the Tyler Clementi case.  What they seemed to be saying is that we, the people who are sickened by the whole situation, should be upset that the kids who posted the video might not be getting punished enough; that we have an obligation to change our society to come down harder after the fact on "bullying" and "hate crimes".

It makes me sad that people are saying that the problem in society is that we don't hate the haters enough.  If we seek to change society so that these things don't happen again, wouldn't it make more sense to change society so that Tyler didn't have to be ashamed of who he was and who he loved in the first place?  It strikes me that by crying for stronger privacy protections, we're trying to shore up the walls of the closet so nobody can break in.  We're saying "stay in here and keep your head down, and if anyone blows your cover we'll smack them for you."

Aren't we supposed to be working for a world where nobody needs to be in the closet in the first place because there's nothing wrong with being gay?
Tags: philosophy, society
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