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If I don't write write this right now, there will be no point writing it at all.

This is a bad time of the year, and a bad time of my life, and I really need the cons I go to to help give me a boost.  That boost doesn't come from walking through the halls alone in the crowd.  Not even very much from sitting in the audience at an awesome concert alone in the crowd.  If anyone who knows me still reads LJ, I'd like to spend time being less alone.  I love hugs, snuggles, back scratches, and the like, but I'm amazingly shy about touching anyone who's not on my short mental list of people I know it's OK for me to touch.  So if you know me, and you'd like to be on that list, please tell me.  Words would be good; I don't do body language very well.  I'd love to chat, if we have some time.

I'd love to go to dinner, especially with a fairly small group, Friday, Saturday, or probably Sunday.  Friday, especially, I'd love to have something arranged in advance; dinner needs to be early enough to be back in time for Sooj at 7:30, which doesn't leave a whole lot of time for organizing it after I get on site.

If you have firm enough plans to do something with me that you'd like to be able to text/call me at con, send me a private message with your number.

Finally, if you'd like me to bring you an EFRC calendar, let me know.  (They're only $15, they're very nice, and it's supporting the cats I care for.)
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