Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Looking for a used notebook

I just posted this to a mailing list, but I may as well try giving it more exposure:

I have a need for a standard size notebook computer, and I'm rather short on money right now.  I also have an aversion to current versions of Windows.  If anyone happens to have a working machine from a a year or two ago for not too much money talk to me.  (If I could get it at Windycon that would be awesome; I realize I should have been more timely with this message.)  While I wouldn't mind general advice on what sort of machine to buy and what I should pay, I'm really hoping that this will catch someone who's recently upgraded and has a not-so-shiny but still useful machine gathering dust.

I'd prefer XP, but I'd also be interested in some flavor of Linux if it were already configured to handle web browsing, light word processing, and viewing photos.  I'm not morally opposed to a Mac, but I can't afford one.
Tags: questions, tech
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