Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


I hate winter.

Early this week, they were predicting a snowpocalypse for this weekend.  On Wednesday I was considering going to EFRC on Friday because I might not be able to go on Sunday.  On Thursday they toned the forecast down a lot, and I decided not to.  Then Friday, they brought back their dire forebodings of horrible white doom.  On Saturday, friends had been planning some outdoor fun, but it was canceled because it was raining.  Nobody wants to go sledding on slush in the rain.  And they were posting blizzard warnings for Sunday.

I got up, not quite as early as I was supposed to, and things were OK at the time, but I had a really bad feeling about what they would be like later in the day.  I assumed that if I did go, we'd get a horrible storm that I would not want to drive through, but if I stayed home the weather would be fine.  I dithered for a while and finally decided to stay home.  Surprisingly, even though I stayed home, we're having a howling blizzard.  I can't see the lane from the garage right now, but I suspect it has drifts too deep to drive through.

ETA: I just walked around the block. The wind really is gusting at least 50 MPH. Fortunately, we appear to have very little actual snow, so the drifting isn't too bad -- as in I might be able to drive down my lane right now, but then again I might not. I was very warmly dressed, and it was actually kind of fun while I was out there -- when I had my back to the wind!
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