Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Birthday fun

I want to make a long, detailed post about all the stuff I did for my birthday.  I also want to fall over, no later than half an hour ago.  But I've been putting far too little in this journal, so I'm going on the theory that a brief update is better than none.

Friday, I had a lovely dinner with birder2 at The Ribeye, where nothing has changed for 30 years and it's still wonderful.  I'd been figuring on going to game night, but that got canceled.

Saturday, I drove up to Chicago for janmagic's birthday party/housefilk.  It was a very good time, with a lot of laughter.  Jan kindly let me crash at her place, even though I had to get up at the crack of 9 and sneak out so I could drive to Iowa.

Sunday, I went to a great house party at nbowa's house with a bunch of Iowa furries.

Today, I drove home, a little tired after all that, and my arm has twinged a time or two but it's not actually bothering me.
Tags: filk, friends, furry
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