Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Magic: the Addiction

So, way back in the last millennium, I played Magic for a while, until I drifted away from the group I was playing with and didn't have any regular contact with it.

A couple of weeks ago, Rioan mentioned that he plays.  So I brought a few decks to coffee early and we played a few games.  It awakened my latent obsession, and I've been spending way too much time on the web looking at all the stuff they've done since then.

I went to Friday Night Magic at Armored Gopher Games, my friendly local game store, tonight, and played in a booster draft tourney.  I came in second at my table and actually won a small prize, and I'm playing in the prerelease event for Magic 2012 tomorrow.

Either wish me luck or smack me, I'm not sure which.  If anyone local who still plays reads this, let me know.  Or anyone who wants to talk magic.

I started out drafting a couple of blue flyers, and then started adding both black and white, concentrating on flyers and on anything that removed creatures.  Once I'd finished drafting, I decided I needed to play all 3 colors, because it was just too thin otherwise.  I ended up being able to hang on just long enough for card advantage to kick in because I'd drafted a Crystal Ball.  Long games -- the first match, I won the first and we were about 3 minutes into the second when time was called.  Second match I won 2-0, but both games were tight.  Third match, I lost the first game to green/red, more creatures than I could master and a lot of direct damage, and was just turning the second game around with card advantage when time was called.  Controlling my draws with scry while my opponent just drew let me finally get an army, and I took him down with 2 life and one turn left.
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