Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

MtA Prerelease

I went to the prerelease event.  I had fun and I did pretty well -- I came in 5th or 6th overall out of 35 players.  My prize for placing well was 6 more boosters, with a retail value of $24, plus a door prize with an $8.99 price tag.  It would have been better if I had been able to sleep decently last night.  Tomorrow will be so much fun.

I'm not quite sure if my judgment is off, or if I was lucky, or if I'm a better player than I think.  I cracked my 6 boosters, sorted it by colors, and just stared dumbfounded at the mess for half an hour.  I had some decent red cards, but none of my other colors was any good.  Some good creatures but very few spells.  I decided to make my second color black because I got a Royal Assassin.  I threw in pretty much every red card and added enough black to make a deck.  I thought I was very short on creature removal, but it turned out to be just enough.  The decks that I lost to and drew to were also red.  Most of my wins came when I got to 6 mana and was able to play Warstorm Surge and/or my two Volcanic Dragons.  My artifacts were very important for living to turn 8 later: Throne of Empires for free blockers, Greatsword to make little creatures matter more, and Manalith to help me get up to 6 and to help it be the right color.

I like playing in limited, where it's actually about creatures attacking turn after turn, rather than most constructed decks, which are play for a while until you get a gimmick set up, and then you either lock the board down or blow your opponent up with something huge.
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