Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


I played in the Friday Night Magic again tonight, M12 sealed.  6th out of 13, so I got a small prize.

I had a Serra Angel, a Lifelink, and a Day of Judgment, so I had to play white.  I had two Merfolk Mesmerists, two Jace's Erasures, and an Azure Mage, which said to try to deck my opponent, plus a Sphinx of Uthuun to coax me to play blue.  A couple of decent cards in each other color, but not enough, and several more good creatures in both of these colors, so it's what I went with.  I actually won one game by emptying my opponent's library and came within 1 card a second time.  Stonehorn Dignitary is a great card.  Held my opponent off long enough to win a game I would otherwise have lost at least once.

Nothing too stellar in the packs I cracked.  Foil Zombie Infestation, Azure Mage, and Day of Judgment; got a mythic (yay) but it was Time Reversal (boo).  Other rares were Dungrove Elder (looks very playable), Quicksilver Amulet, Mesa Enchantress, and Personal Sanctuary, which seems hard to use.
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