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Went to Friday Night Magic again.  Sealed M12.  I drafted badly, again, almost no creature removal, and only one one game in 3 matches.  None of the rares in my packs were very good, but I drafted 3 of the current dual lands.  The after-draft event looked like fun, but I didn't want to get home at 3 AM, so I skipped it.

At least 3 of my six losses came when I drew nothing but land in the midgame, after I already had plenty.  I never had a problem with too little land.  This was with 16 land and 1 manalith in a 40 card deck.  This is the thing I truly hate about Magic -- you put in all this time learning about the cards, and go to all this effort to construct a deck, and all, and then you win or lose just based on the dumb luck of whether you draw well or not.

I do need to learn better what cards are worth money -- my 3 packs had Redirect, Goblin Chieftain, and Doubling Chant, and I kept all 3 of them because I thought they were valuable.  Redirect -- $.75.  Doubling Chant -- $.99.  Goblin Chieftain -- $1.49.  Of course I don't remember what non-rares I passed up to get them, but I'm almost sure there was some creature removal in white, blue, or black.  (Yeah, I was playing 3 colors, with the 3 dual lands I was fine for mana.)

Also did some trading.  I'm trying to collect Cat creatures to make a tribal EDH deck which will surely be lame, and I picked up some other random stuff that should be fun.  But I probably shouldn't have parted so freely with the Alpha basic lands, even though I'll never try to play with them.  I got ripped off on one card, turns out a foil Snuff Out is a $10 card, and I traded it as if it were $4.  I made a point of checking all the other random foils I have in the binder; they're all under $2.  Oh well.
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