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After missing a couple of weeks because I was at cons, I did Friday Night Magic again.  There was a 2 Headed Giant sealed deck event scheduled.  Rioan (whose fault it is that I'm doing this) was going to be my partner, and I was all excited, but he had to work.  And nobody signed up, and when I got to the store, there was one other person who was willing to play at all.  So that event was canceled, and I played the regular 2012 draft.

My first pack had an Aegis Angel in it, which I think is a pretty decent card in limited, and I like white anyway.  Very soon thereafter I got a Serra Angel, and I got a few other good white cards (Oblivion Ring, Pacify, Gideon's Lawkeeper).  I also got passed a couple of Rootbound Crags, and I drafted some red and green stuff to go with them.  Another Warstorm Surge and a Circle of Flame.  As always in limited, I didn't have enough stuff, particularly removal, but I had some.  Won my first match well enough.  Second match, first game, was really long and was down to the wire but I pulled it out, then we ran out of time before the second game ended.  The third game, I just got walked on.  Still good enough for 3rd place in the pod, winning me two boosters, plus my door prize was a set of 5 foil basic lands.

I stuck around for the after-draft event.  This is a casual event where each player brings their own boosters, four different sets, draft from 3 of them and put the fourth in the prize pool.  Lots of crazy stuff goes by.  I started with a pack of Portal, which had a Fire Dragon, an $8 card, so I took it, and decided to play with it so I looked for red.  Everybody else was looking for red too, so I didn't get as much as I'd hoped.  I didn't figure out my second color soon enough; I ended up with some white, some black, and a little more green than either, so I went red-green.  The deck played OK, but not well enough to finish in the top half.  The darn Fire Dragon came up either in my opening hand or one of my first 3 draws every game, and I never managed to cast it, so I finally took it out for the last couple of games, replacing it with an Elvish Pioneer, which would have been great in my opening hand, but I only saw it once, far enough along that I didn't have a spare land.  Fun, but I didn't leave the store until 3 AM, which was too late.

I did a little bit of trading, got a couple of things, but didn't really have enough time.  I really need to make more notes about cards I look at in the database that I want, rather than thinking that I'll remember what they are and whether they're worth $0.50 or $50.00.  I just bought all of the common white cat creatures, because nobody brings commons with them for trade, even after I'd mentioned every time I tried to talk about trading to anyone that I was trying to collect them.
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