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I went to Friday Night Magic again at Armored GopherWhen I first arrived, I asked Dave (the owner) what the deal was with From the Vault: Legends.  I'd just seen cards from it appearing on searches on Star City.  I googled it and found an announcement on the Wizards of the Coast page that said this was a product going on sale Aug. 26 (conveniently, that was yesterday).  It's special foil printings of 15 legends, 14 of which I'd probably never get otherwise (one is a teaser for Innistrad, the upcoming expansion).  What seemed odd to me was that Wizards said that the MSRP was $35, but Star City was offering them for pre-order for $80.  He explained that this set (and the other "from the vault" sets) are only released in very limited quantities.  Unlike normal products, which are only available for a limited time, but can be ordered in any quantity while they're available, only stores that actually host Magic events get any of these, and the only get a few.  And highly mercenary dealers (which is to say most of them) mark the price up to what the market will bear.  Dave, because he's much more of a nice guy than a businessman, was offering his for MSRP, and first come first serve when they came out, rather than letting people claim them in advance.  He had 1 left.  So I bought it.  I could have turned around and sold it, or hung onto the sealed box, but I decided to open it.

I spent some time looking through the cheap boxes.  One of the cool things about how Dave runs the store is that he sells most commons in playsets of 4 for $.50 and a lot of random "dollar rares" for $.50.  The downside is that he only sells what he actually has in stock, so many of the low-prestige cards on my wish list that I would just buy (it's very hard to trade for low-value stuff because nobody carries it around) aren't there.  I obtained a few upgrades for my existing decks and material for decks I have in mind.

The main event, Worldwake-Zendikar-Zendikar booster draft, came next.  The only $4+ card I saw go by was a Tectonic Edge, I took it on about the 3rd pick in the pack.  My initial intent was to key on black and red removal, but draft is always influenced by what cards you actually see.  I got on red pretty well, and got a few black, but I started grabbing blue early as well.  I had never seen Allies in action, so I wasn't grabbing them as aggressively as I should have, but I got a few, and they were still important for my deck.  I did pick up several cards with Landfall abilities, which actually synergize with the Vapor Snare and Expedition Map that I had.  I ended up with a decent (by draft standards) aggro deck, went 2-1, winning an M12 booster packs, plus my door prize, a promo Bloodlord of Vasgoth.  Cracked the pack, got an Archon of Justice and a Crown of Empires.

I decided to play in the after draft.  I had a Weatherlight pack I decided to throw in and an M12; I bought Zendikar and Scars of Mirrodin, putting the Zendikar in as the prize.  Again, I was looking for red removal, and after I'd picked up a few, I just kept grabbing red cards.  I had so many red cards that I went mono red, and it actually worked pretty well.  I ran over two opponents quickly and got mashed flat by one, going 2-1, and got a Scars booster and an M12 booster in prizes.
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