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Friday Night Magic again.  No one else signed up for sealed, so I played M12 draft.  Did badly.  Didn't feel like staying up until 3, so I skipped the after.  Traded for a couple of things, and didn't buy any singles from the store.

In discussion before the draft, it had just come up that Solemn Simulacrum was a really good card and valuable.  So I was pretty happy when it was the rare in my first pack.  At $13, it's the highest value card I've pulled out of M12 so far.  And it's good in limited, not just in constructed.  Unfortunately, my draft went downhill from there.  I looked for red or black removal, and I quickly drafted some decent red cards.  Very little black was coming to me, but a lot of blue, and I started grabbing some of it.  It seemed like a decent batch of cards, but it included 3 Cancels, and I'm not good at that style of play.  My first match, I didn't draw good cards, and got rolled over, and I think that trying to run 3 Cancels against my natural aggro style (supported by fast-damage creatures like my 3 Lightning Elementals) was just the wrong choice.  I swapped out two Cancels for Phantasmal Bears.  Second match, first game, opponent pretty much drew nothing but land and I rolled over him.  Second game, I had two land, and just when I got my third, he dropped an Acidic Slime.  I got a fourth land the next turn, but having lost one, I still couldn't cast any of the 4-drops in my hand.  It took him several turns, but he got me.  Third game, we both got decent mana, and I smacked him.  Third game, I was against another red-blue deck.  He had 5 Aether Adepts, which really cramped my style, and a couple of counterspells that he was more adept with than I.  He won 1, I won 1, the third game was reasonably close but he got it.

I was able to trade for the white cat creatures I was missing, so I'm now starting to make my cat toys EDH deck.  Raksha Golden Cub is my general, all the mono-white legal cat creatures, a bunch of equipment, spells to pull my creatures back out of the graveyard (because cats have 9 lives you know), and various utility spells to get to 100.  It will need tuning, but I got my Felidar Sovereign and my Spirit of the Hearth tonight.
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