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FNM at Armored Gopher tonight.  Tried to do some trading with Chris M.  We were part way through, and then a game of EDH was starting.  I actually played my first game of EDH.  Played my cat toys deck.  Did OK, I was the third person out out of 5.  My cards seem lame compared to most of the others.  We just finished the game as the main event was starting.  I bolted down the sandwich I'd brought.  Then I realized that Chris wasn't in the draft and had left, without finishing our trade.  He's there almost every time I go to the store; shouldn't be a big deal.

The draft was "Third Base" -- drafting from M12, which I know, New Phyrexia, which I don't know well, and Rise of the Eldrazi which I don't know at all.  I just looked through my cards trying to reconstruct what I'd been thinking as I was drafting.  I can't remember what was in the M12 pack.  I think I took the Stormblood Berserker first pick.  Got a couple of Chandra's Outrages.  When I ran out of red, I got a couple of random black and blue cards, including a Phantasmal Bear.  I went for red and blue, came out with surprisingly few creatures and a fair bit of removal.  First game, I just barely hung on until the deck kicked in, then came back and won.  Then lost the next two games, fairly close.  Second round, I got walked on by a blue white deck, he just killed me the first game, and then pulled Jace, Memory Adept and milled my library before I could do anything about it.  Third round, lost the first game and then came back to win the second two.  Not good enough for a prize.  My door prize was a foil promo Jace's Ingenuity.  A little trading after that -- James M. mentioned that he was looking for Mind Stones; I have a bunch.  Discovered he didn't have much that I actually wanted in his trade stuff; I traded 3 of them for a Champion's Helm.

Kind of a disappointing night, really.
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