Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Weekend adventures

The fun began with a free Magic event at Armored Gopher.  I had some fun and got some free stuff.  Wasn't lucky, so not that much.  I had to leave early to drive to Mt. Prospect.

The headline on the schedule was the house filk at chez chaoticgoodchic, where there was plenty of food, fun people, and a pretty good amount of singing amidst all the talking.

Instead of driving home at 1 AM (probably not a great plan) or staying in the area, I went north and spent the night with filkart and ithiriel.  I was quite tired by the time we got home, and Art was much tireder than I, so we went right to bed.  We got up in the morning without any real plan for the day.  Cynthia discovered that it was the last day of an exhibit of stuff from the Forbidden City at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  So, after lunch at Champion Chicken, a favorite neighborhood restaurant, we headed to the waterfront.  We were surprised when we arrived to discover that there was a kite festival in the park beside the museum; I ran off and took pictures of amazing kites for half an hour.  Then we actually headed into the art museum.  I'm usually kind of underwhelmed with modern architecture, but I have to say that the Milwaukee Art Museum is truly a beautiful and impressive building.  It would be worth the time to visit the building even if there wasn't a museum inside.  I got to admire the building for a while, and then our time came up for the china exhibit.  It was very cool, and I learned a few things as well as seeing some really beautiful and impressive artwork.  When we got out of the exhibit, it was nearly closing time, and Art, who hadn't slept well, had the tired, so we headed for the car.  But the kites were so shiny that we stopped and watched as the kite festival shut down.

Then we went to dinner at Mekong Cafe, where we had somewhat too much really awesome food.  A very nice Tom Kha, a couple of appetizers with names I don't quite remember, some extremely hot but utterly delicious wings, and then a very nice Thai curry and a traditional Lao dish called Larb, seasoned with hot peppers and a combination of herbs probably not found anywhere else.  We staggered home and watched Dr. Horrible, so I can cross it off the list of things everyone talks about that I haven't seen.  My hosts have gotten into an online game called Wizard 101, that I'd probably play if I had the net access, and I'd probably get addicted too.

Trouble free drive home, tasty barbecue and corn on the cob at birder2's, now I'm home and tired, so hopefully I'll get to sleep soon.
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