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Friday Night Magic at Armored Gopher was M12 draft.  I went 2-1, so I won a prize.  I came in planning to try for black and red, but ready to take the colors that came to me.  There was a lot of black in my first few picks; I got a Doom Blade in my second pack.  When black started to get thin, there was some red too.  Then in my second pack I cracked a Chandra, currently going for $18; I would have taken it even if I hadn't been trying for red at all, but it was actually on color for me.  And then I got passed a Chandra's Phoenix.  I hate drafted a couple of green things and had some blue dregs, but I had enough black and blue at the end of the draft that I had some trouble deciding what to cut.  2 Sengir Vampires, 2 Sorin's Thirst, a Doom Blade, two Tormented Souls, a Goblin Fireslinger, an Onyx Mage, a Crimson Mage.  Light on removal -- no shocks, no incinerates, no Chandra's Outrages, only one Doom Blade.  But I thought I had a decent pool.  Won my first match fairly handily, although the second game was very close; I was on the edge of losing when I topdecked the Doom Blade, forked with Chandra, to off two of his creatures, and then two turns later, topdecked Lava Axe, forked by Chandra for the win when I had one life left and he had more than I could block.  Second match, I won the first game handily, then I got mana flooded and got milled to death, and then the third game he just exploded and rolled over me in 5 turns as time expired.  Third match, I had a better deck.  I almost felt like I was kicking a puppy when he had just four mountains on the table at turn 6 or 7, and I forked a Tectonic Rift with Chandra to destroy two of them.

Got my third Bloodlord of Vaasgoth as my door prize, one booster for coming in 3rd or 4th in the pod.  Played a game of EDH that turned out to be just me and Austin; he had me completely outclassed.

Off to bed now, so I can play in the Innistrad prerelease events tomorrow.
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