Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Innistrad Prerelease

Yesterday was the epic prerelease event for Innistrad, the latest expansion for Magic.  I started the event badly.  I skipped the midnight-4AM draft so that I would be able to get a night's sleep, and my body responded to the opportunity by coming *sproing* awake sometime before 7.  That meant that I got to the shop in time to go through the commons boxes and pick up some of the cheapest cards on my list.  The event started nearly on time just after 11.  I opened my packs and noted (a) a lack of obvious bombs, and (b) not a whole lot to work with.  I went with white for the removal and blue for the zombies, which came out of the blocks fast, winning the first match enough to make me think maybe it didn't suck, then promptly lose the next 3, 2-1 in the fifth, and then fail again in the 6th, where a win would have put me on the edge for a prize.  Won an M12 pack in the door prize, didn't even get the promo card promised to all entrants because Wizards screwed the store and sent only 24 cards per participant even though the events had 36 slots (which is all the seats in the store).  Then the second event, another booster draft.  Went OK; I started out in black and got a lot of black removal (which isn't as good as it might be), and some pretty good red.  I pulled the black-green multiland to go with the Daybreak Ranger, one of the better green werewolves, and splashed green in the deck.  One serious sideboarding failure -- I failed to side in my Ghost Quarters after seeing Kessig Wolf Run in the first game, and got crushed by it in the second.  1-1-1 in the second match, I was down to 1 life at the end of the 5th extra time turn.  Ran over Luke in the third game, the same opponent I'd beaten in the first match of the first event.  In this event, all players got at least 1 booster as a prize as well as the door prize, where I won an M12 event deck that actually has several decent rares in it, and almost looks like a deck, except that it needs more copies of some of the key rares to really fly.  Got home just after midnight, which means being up now to go to EFRC on schedule is a bit iffy, and I woke up feeling tired, but I think I'll be OK.

Between being tired and having a lot of bad luck, I got a little cranky toward the end of things.  I'm trying to learn to be calmer and more patient about bad luck.  It's a struggle.

Now, off to clean tiger cages in the rain, and if I can escape early, to see the Lion King.
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