Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Lion King 3D

Left EFRC early today so that I could join a few of the local furs to see Lion King.  I'd never seen it before.  It is a good movie.  I generally like Disney animation style, and the animals were particularly appealing.  The story is a bit twee, of course, but still touching, and there were definitely some things for adults to laugh about beyond what the kids would get.  I can see why this movie is so loved by furries; even though I can't rank it among my favorite movies ever, I certainly liked it.  And I thought the 3D was surprisingly well done given that it was grafted onto an pre-existing movie.  Of course, my experience of 3D movies is quite limited -- consisting of Avatar, this, and the previews that accompanied those shows.  Avatar was of course amazing, it was so good that people trying to cash in on it created the whole 3D craze.  But Lion King was much better than any of the 3D trailers.

After the movie, some of us went to Bangkok Thai, more or less next door to the theater.  I had red curry, which was OK, which is kind of disappointing considering how much I like Thai curries.  I asked for very spicy and got food that deserved one hot pepper symbol.  We spent dinner lamenting the lack of really good restaurants in C-U compared to what we get when we visit big cities, and trying to keep me from looking at the TV which was playing some awful movie about talking guinea pigs, because it made my brain hurt every time I couldn't keep my eyes from being attracted to the TV.
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