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Phil Parker


Innistrad released today.  I played Innistrad sealed at FNM tonight, and actually did well.  First, I collected the stuff I'd preordered.  I opened my fat pack and cracked 6 packs, where I found rather little.  I finally got a call from Tyler and we set up a plan when we're going to get together and play some kind of a mini sealed product event with my box, rather than just cracking all of it.  My phone's battery dying didn't help this process.  But enough people signed up for the sealed event that it actually happened.  I opened my packs and thought I didn't have very much, but I had two Rebukes so white was solid, and I had a Blasphemous Act, a Brimstone Volley, and a Curse of Stalked Prey, so I thought red looked good.  I had plenty of creatures in those colors, and not much removal in any others, so it was set.  Rally the Peasants, Mask of Avacyn, and Inquisitor's Flail helped my creatures along.  First game was long and complicated, but I ended up winning.  Then I managed to shuffle half my cards backwards, and took several minutes to get ready for game 2, which I then ended up losing right at time, so I went 1-1 without even starting game 3.  I won the next two matches handily, despite having to mulligan pretty much every game.  Last game, I won the first game cleanly, then lost the second, and was winning the third but time ran out.  So a final record of 2-0-2, which got me 1 pack for a prize, which was a dud.  For the night, I opened 13 packs and got 0 mythics, 0 foil rares, 14 rares total, which included two Unbreathing Hordes, two Witchbane Orbs, and two Geist-Honored Monks.  I certainly could have done better.  At least I beat up the guy who played Liliana and the kid who was playing with the scary red dragon.
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