Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Innistrad release

Today was the official release party for the latest Magic set at Armored Gopher.  Turnout was bad; fewer people than expected were signed up and less people were actually there than signed up -- quite a contrast from the prerelease events, which had more people than the store could hold.

The event was draft.  I don't like draft as much as sealed -- it involves an inherent tension between getting cards that are good in the event and that will be valuable after the event is over, and doing it well requires being able to play mind games about what the other players will be looking for, which I'm bad at.  I didn't crack any real bombs.  I ended up in red and white.  I got a few good red cards, but too little white removal.  I thought my deck was weak enough that I could go 0-6.  I went 1-2 in my first match, 2-0 in my second, and 1-1-1 in the third (ran out of time in a game that I was losing), so better than expected, but I finished one place overall short of a prize.  I made a couple of dumb plays where I thought I knew what a card did, only to realize after I'd played it that it didn't quite, but overall I think I played fairly well.  It's just hard to stand up to to someone who drafts a couple of super-bombs and knows how to play them.

No mythics, got a Stensia Bloodhall (which I thought was worth more than $1, and which I thought I might be able to play with, but I ended up not being in black), Gutter Grime ($1, which I took when I didn't have anything else worth taking), Creepy Doll ($1, I did have it in my deck but I never got to cast it), Heretic's Punishment ($1, played with it, it was somewhat helpful), and Falkenrath Marauders ($1, played with it, it only came out a couple of times, it did win me one game in the second match).  I'm pretty sure those were the best rares I saw, so I probably did better than expectation with very bad cards.

Trading afterwards took a long time and got a few, but only a few, cards I was looking for.  Got a Seht's Tiger (which is a cat card and has awesome art), one more Grand Architect for my blue deck, and some commons.  My wish list shrinks slowly.
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