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After I finished fighting with the tree, I went to the Gopher for Friday Night Magic.  Innistrad sealed, we got 8 people so the event could go off right at the last minute.

I cracked my packs, and I got two mythics -- Olivia and Balefire Dragon.  Olivia is a definite bomb; the dragon is deadly but as a 7 drop isn't too likely to make it to the table.  But I wanted to play those colors, and I had a Heretic's Punishment and a Skirsdag High Priest among my rares, so I looked at my red and black and saw that I had a little removal -- a Dead Weight, a couple of Corpse Lunges, a Geistflame, a Skirsdag Cultist, a Morkrut Banshee.  I didn't think it was enough, but I didn't have any removal to speak of in my other colors either, so I didn't try to go 3 colors.  I had some decent creatures and a little support, but I thought it was pretty weak.

First game, with Ryan, I rolled over him fairly well.  Second game ground for a really long time; he did eventually beat me, right at time, so we didn't even start game 3.  Second game, with Adam, I smacked him fairly easily, and then second game he kept a one land hand and just got crushed.  Third game, against Kevin Morris, I had two decent games and won both.  2½-½ overall, first place out of 8, I won 3 packs, which I cracked, got another Mayor of Avabruck, a second Gavony Township for the evening, and a second Heretic's Punishment for the evening.  Not too bad overall.

I played a few games of standard, with someone whose name I haven't learned, and the fast blue wave just rolled over his horrible Mimic Vat driven contraption before it could get going.  I think I might actually play in standard next week if I can get a couple more Lords of the Unreal.
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