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Phil's Rambling Rants
October 29th, 2011
07:44 pm


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Game Day
I skipped Friday Night Magic last night in favor of board game night, but there was a Game Day event at Armored Gopher today.  I'm not hugely excited by the event decks that were released, but I came for the tournament.  The format was Standard.  I played my blue aggro deck, since it's the only Standard deck I have, and actually did OK.

First match against Rob Long.  All I remember from his deck was that it had red creatures and equipment. First game, I came out swinging and won.  Lost the second game.  Third game went to time, I think I was winning.  1-1-1.  Second match against Ryan Summers, he was playing mono black infect and he squashed me flat, 0-2.  Third match, against Rod (I think his last name starts with L...), he was playing a red deck, I think he was playing the Burning Vengeance deck.  I won the first game, he just barely got me in the second, walked over him in the third, 2-1.  Last round I was up against Zack Morlock playing black zombies, and my deck came out fast and furious, I used my few counterspells well against his Endless Ranks of the Dead and squashed him, 2-0.  I think I was in 5th place overall out of 16, enough for 1 prize pack, the full art promo foil Elite Inquisitor, and a door prize.

I won the door prize lottery, got a Snapcaster Mage ($30 today, still going up).  Cracked my prize pack, got an Endless Ranks of the Dead ($3).  No success in trading.  Played a non-Magic game, a deckbuilding game somewhat like Dominion but with a zombie theme, and I can't remember the name of the game.  It's much better packaged than Dominion (it comes in a compact box with index cards larger than the cards themselves, so you can find stuff), and the cards themselves are high quality.  The game seems decent, I'd play it again, but I'd rather play Dominion.  While it's theoretically possible to actually defeat the zombies, it's mainly about being the last man standing; you try to throw just enough zombies at your opponents to mess them up and not so many that they get you too.

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Date:October 31st, 2011 02:19 am (UTC)
A game night can be held wherever the person organizing it finds space. The one I was going to is at a private home, which is nice if you know someone who has a good house for such things and a steady group of people to invite over. A library might work, depending on how busy the library is and how rowdy your local gamers are (since libraries are supposed to be quiet). Game stores are also good; they tend to have table space for people to come in and play, since people who come into the store to play tend to become customers. (There's a board game night weekly at the game store where I play Magic. Unfortunately, that night is Sunday, the night when I'm recovering from my day of tiger care.)
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