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Phil Parker


Got to Friday Night Magic tonight, after missing a couple of weeks and being about to miss several more.  The scheduled formats were Innistrad sealed and Innistrad draft.  Sadly, there were only 2 other people who wanted to play sealed so it did not go off; I played in draft.  I cracked my first pack and found a Daybreak Ranger staring at me, so I took it and started drafting red and green werewolves.  First match against Josh Coleman, I won the first game, lost the second to a horrible mana flood (lost on turn 8, with 8 lands on the table and 2 more in my hand), and then went to time in the 3rd game.  Second game, against Bill Board, he took the first game and I got the second two.  He's a very experienced player and played his deck well (with unexpected tricks like hitting himself with Purify the Grave to make two spells to unflip my werewolves), but I think my deck was better.  In the third game, I faced James Manrique.  He was playing a blue and black deck with 2 Trepanation Blades and 3 Claustrophobias.  He walked over me in the first game when I couldn't find any removal.  Second game I beat him down to 5, and then he Claustrophobia-ed both of my creatures and stomped me.  Overall, I made it into the top half on tiebreaks, so I won 1 pack as a prize plus a door prize.  Dave was insane on the door prizes again -- I got a playset of Ancient Tombs ($36 value), and I did not get the best door prize.

Also did some trading; I got a Jareth for my cat toys deck and a couple of other cats and allies.  Played one EDH game, the kitties got rolled over pretty badly.
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