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Home from Windycon.  A pretty good time.  Only pretty good in large part because I seem to be allergic to the hotel -- watering eyes, sneezing, and much-increased congestion cut my filking pretty hard.  There were many concerts; I did not try to go to all of them, but I enjoyed what I did hear.  Hugs and companionship from a bunch of people, much appreciated.  I'm going to leave it at that, because keeping this short means I'll actually post it, instead of turning it into work.

Somehow I managed to go the whole weekend without hearing about Keris.  Coming home and finding that news on my LJ sort of makes my con report seem pointless.

I decided to bring my camera after all at the last minute, and took it to the Friday night concerts, so you can have a few pictures.  First from Heather Dale's concert:
Heather looks so happy on stage!

Ben Deschamps

And then a few shots from the Tomboat concert.

Tom Smith


Eric (I couldn't have pix from Toyboat without Eric looking scary, could I?)


Amy McNally (Everything's better with Amy's fiddle.  Even a picture post.)
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