Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Effing mice!

So I click the print button on the computer, and look over at the printer to see my page come out.  Hey, what's that green thing in the paper out tray?  WTF, it's an M&M.  With the Avacyn mark on it.  It's an Innistrad release promo M&M.  I have a pack of those in my magic bag... well I did. Now I have an empty wrapper with holes in it in my magic bag.  And, probably, M&Ms in other places in the house.

I have lots of mousetraps, but I seem to have evolved weightless mice.  I've seen them run right over the traps.  And the darn things are taking over my house.  I've got to find something more effective.  I've never been willing to use poison, but I don't have any pets any more, and I can't deal with the level of depredation I'm suffering.
Tags: home, life
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